About Me


I was born in London and lived and worked there until my late twenties. Now living in the county of Hertfordshire, just on the outskirts of London, I have access not only to London, but also to beautiful countryside, villages and towns which are reflected in my work.

From a very early age I always loved drawing and I will be ever grateful to my parents for their encouragement, when at the age of 12 they bought me my first oil painting set and I have been painting ever since. I have not allowed any modern art teaching influence me in any way and as a result my style and technique remains unique. Although completely self-taught, I would acknowledge that some influence came from personally studying the technical skill of traditional art by the old masters such as John Constable, Canaletto, Johannes Vermeer and others of their generations.

With a keen interest in architecture, my travels have taken me to historical cities in Europe, with Venice, the Tuscany region with its medieval walled cities and the Roman city of Bath being amongst my favourites. Much of my inspiration comes from these places and the beautiful island of Cyprus which I frequently visit. With camera in hand I am always ready to capture images of an interesting building, narrow streets and local people and tourists going about their day. These images are then used as reference material to create new work back in the studio. I often return to a scene I am in the process of painting to take notes and make sure I am happy with the way the work is progressing rather than just relying on the photographic references. Figures feature in most of my paintings as they are important to me to convey to the viewer a sense of movement, narration and life.

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A considerable amount of my commissioned work has been portraits of people, pets, private homes, restaurants, hotels and pubs, with a number of works in private collections in the UK, USA, Canada, and Cyprus. As well as selected work in exhibitions, I have also managed and held solo exhibitions in London, Watford and Cyprus. One of my exhibitions in Cyprus was inaugurated by a former first lady and was featured on national television. As well as painting, and exhibiting I also enjoy teaching and demonstrating my style of art.